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Yonder Hackathon – validate your ideas for the future


Yonder HackathonThis year is a special year as it is Yonder’s 25th anniversary. And you will hear more about that as the year progresses. During this special year, we will host our annual Hackathon a little earlier than usual, in June, as we would like all of you to join us in December as well. The date for the Hackathon will be 22 through 24 of June. And it will be hosted by Remus Pereni, CTO, and Chief Architect at Yonder.

Get ready for the second and third horizon

Participating in our Hackathon is a unique way of validating your ideas for the future. Software companies live in a fast-paced yet practical world. Radical new ideas and initiatives are usually left to start-ups, and our clients, existing software companies, focus more on business continuity initiatives driven by market demand. The Yonder Hackathon gives you a dedicated time, team, and place to validate ideas and assumptions helping you to ensure the continuity of your business for the second or third horizon (read more about horizons in ‘Lean Enterprise’ book review by Remus Pereni.) Most software companies are working on their products for the upcoming 1 to 3 years, yet some might have a challenge here as their current workload demands all of their attention. And then there is the third horizon 3 to 6 years from now. You need to prepare today for the continuity of tomorrow.

Remain relevant in your market

Each business has to come up with new features or technical innovations to make sure that their customers stay happy with the products. As a business, you want to remain as relevant as possible and not lose out to the competitors in your field. Upcoming new rules and regulations, new competitors, new technologies all have an impact on the demand in the future. This means you have to continuously improve your service to maintain your competitive edge and remain relevant. Whether it is a new module or add-on, maybe investigating a new occasionally connected mobile design or looking into such technologies such as personal assistants.” The Yonder Hackathon aims to create a prototype of your assumption that you can use to validate with your customers and get your launching clients so you can develop the prototype further.

Yonder HackathonCan you do that during your regular work or your standard collaboration with Yonder? If you are like me, it is challenging to dedicate 2 full days to your idea without getting caught up in the urgent matters of regular day-to-day life. So here you come together, get a team, and spend 2 days focused entirely on your idea. The team is fresh, not always people from your regular team. There are pros and cons to that. You may feel they lack the specific insight, but they also bring new energy, new inspiration, a refreshing perspective.  And the goal is to bring you new ideas for the third or if needed the second horizon.

Join us in Cluj

So join us in June at the Yonder offices in Cluj. In a future blog, Remus will share more insights into possible Hackathon ideas to help you prepare for your future: your third or second horizon. A weekend dedicated to prototype the idea for you to take home and discuss with your clients.

For non-CSI clients and prospects, we host private Hackathons. The same idea and purpose which we can then fully cater to fit your specific needs. Click here for more on private hackathons. A great and cost-effective way to jump-start your idea and get a prototype to take to your clients and test the water

Contact your Delivery Manager, or send us an email for more details.


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