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Yonder – The Innovation Roadmap

We live in a constantly changing world; customers change, demands change, competitors change and most of all technologies change. The long-term winners are those who can adapt to change and who are bold enough to create their own future instead of waiting for it to be created by others.

This paper has been made for product software companies, to challenge their current ambition with respect to their innovation strategy. Innovation is about adapting to change and therefore, innovation is the most important challenge that organizations have to address today. The key question is not about the present, is about the future. Company leaders worldwide should ask themselves:

“What am I doing today to secure the position of my company in 2030?“

The paper discusses four topics:

  • Contextual, Social and Modern User Interfaces.
  • Mobile-Centric User Applications.
  • Cloud Computing through Iaas, PaaS, and SaaS.
  • Big Data and Next-Generation Analytics.



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