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Yonder30 anniversary – continuous innovation

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On Friday, 15 December 2023, we will celebrate our 30th anniversary with an event focused on continuous innovation, followed by our yearly Christmas party.

We hope that you, our Yonder clients and contacts, will join us in Cluj-Napoca for the celebrations.

The program

The details of the program are being shaped as we speak, but we can share some of the details now and will keep you posted as the event nears.


Daniel Lar – Managing Director Yonder

Daniel will be the host of the event. He has been with Yonder almost since the beginning and has been instrumental with many others in creating the company that we are today. Daniel is a connector by nature, bringing together people, ideas, and processes.

Ramon Zanders – Group CEO of Total Specific Solutions 

As Group CEO of TSS, Ramon is responsible for ensuring that his companies are successful now and will continue serving their markets in the future. What mindset is needed to achieve this? What type of people and leadership do you need to create the right basis for growth?

Cornel Amariei – CEO & Founder Lumen

Cornel is a well-known Romanian entrepreneur who founded the innovative company Lumen ( It was founded as a research startup with the mission of empowering the blind. Every day, Lumen builds, tests, and validates solutions that make the lives of blind people a little better. Lumen is an innovation in healthcare and technology!


This anniversary, we will also have an InnovationLab, where Yonderists will show some of the innovations we have created over time.

More details on the program will follow as the event grows nearer.

Will you join us?

We are looking forward to celebrating this milestone with all clients and valued relations who have helped shape our journey over time and with prospects whom we have met more recently.

Register today!

(This is a private event, and we reserve the right to not accept registrations that do not fit our target audience.)

Over time, we will update you with more information on additional speakers and specials during the event. And, of course, the full schedule.

What can you expect?

Five years ago, we celebrated our quarter of a century anniversary. What better way than to share that experience with you so you know what Yonder30 could bring.



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