Challenges of launching software initiatives – conversation with Peter Turnbull, PulseCheck

January 21, 2020

Finding out what your customers really need

The customers’ needs should always be the starting point of developing software. Whether you are working on your standard solution or starting a new initiative. To practice customer-driven development you will have to find out what the needs of your customers are. But do you know? And, do your customers trust you enough to open up on such matters? Have you found the right customers to go the extra mile with you and invest their time and effort into it? In this conversation, Remus Pereni and Peter Turnbull talk about the best practices in engaging with customers.

How to get the right requirements to practice customer-driven development

Peter is a serial New Initiatives Champion at PulseCheck, a VMS company in healthcare, and Peter is very good at capturing the requirements that new initiatives need. It starts with addressing a customer problem or idea and working it out from there. In the interview, Peter shares insights on:

  • customer outreach
  • the essence of trust
  • who to have open discussions with at the customer
  • selecting the right customers for initiatives
  • the role of a new initiatives champion
  • financial commitment from customers
  • how to contain your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and control the scope
  • removing problems or forward-thinking solutions
  • the importance of taking mockups or prototypes to customers

and much more. Not only is Peter a great and funny speaker, but he is also a master in making that essential connection with clients and creating customer-driven solutions.

Watch the video or listen to the podcast. And if you want to know more then please contact or get in touch with your Yonder DM.

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