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A word with Daniel Lar, MD Yonder

I find it fascinating to be part of the process of developing people. I see around me people growing, developing as professionals. If I am passionate about something – this is it. In my turn, I have met wonderful people who influenced me both in my career and in my development as a human being and I am grateful to them for having invested in me intentionally, for having helped me.
Daniel Lar entered Yonder as junior developer, a few years later being appointed Project Manager, then Technical Manager and Business Unit Director. Starting January 2016 Daniel is Managing Director of one of Yonder Business Units.

I am in Yonder, let’s say, from the very beginning – I joined it as a junior on Progress, while I was a student.

It may seem funny now – but I was working the second shift, and I did this until I graduated. During that time, the company was growing, was developing – this was in the 90s. I was fortunate to be appointed then Project Manager; I was probably the youngest PM at that time. Then, only two years later, when I was 26, I was named Technical Manager. It was a great honor and at the same time, a great responsibility – looking back, I realize that better now than at the time.

TSS taking over the company in 2006, the transformation and the structuring, then joining the CSI in 2013 – they all brought development and great opportunities. As of January 2016 I am the Managing Director of one of the two Business Units of Yonder. We have gone through great times – the enthusiasm and pioneering of the beginnings (let’s not forget that Yonder was the first Dutch company in Cluj which started outsourcing in software development), the standards and structure brought by Total Specific Solutions and later by CSI (n.n – taking over of TSS in 2013).

We are part of a challenging environment, one that develops you and offers you great freedom, as well as great responsibility at the same time.

How do you get recharged?

I believe you have to plan your moments of relaxation and of getting recharged the same way you plan your business schedule. I started again to do horseback riding and going to the gym. We (my wife and I) enjoy these activities and we practice them together.

What will the future look like?

I saw the positive effects of TSS/CSI’s strategy of small and nimble and I want to implement this concept as well as possible at the level of our BU. That means further empowerment of our local operational offices (Cluj and Iasi) and the teams there, the openness towards new markets and accelerated growth through acquisitions. It’s been an exciting ride and it continues to be so.

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