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Cooking for Charity


This event started from a desire to help the community in a pleasant, engaging and delicious way for our colleagues. Started one and a half years ago, Cooking for Charity has grown both in number of editions (the fourth edition coming soon) and in number of participants and it highlights our colleagues’ skills and dedication – chefs or tasters.

Ana has coordinated the event from the very first edition.

‘I’m doing this because of my desire to help others and my pleasure to cook for dear ones – in this case, the colleagues. It was a topic I held dear and apparently I like organizing events.

Searching for the chefs is the first challenge here – starting with the colleagues whom I know have a passion for cooking and we spread the word. Now we have a solid team, we establish when we can hold the event – when we consider we can focus to have an exquisite event. Afterwards we start planning what we cook and we start making the information public and share it with others. The chefs team has grown, it wasn’t easy in the beginning, now we are about 17 and the event has shaped over time.

What we like the most?

The fact that the food is appreciated, the donations raise a fair amount and of course our colleagues’ joy when they see, taste and enjoy what we’ve prepared. The enthusiasm is the best“, says Ana.



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