Train of thought on performance analysis: Yonder and Maestro – Webinar recording

May 17, 2021


Following our online Let’s TECH about IT! event in March, we brought you a new session on performance analysis. After the session held in March, Joona Kokkola, CTO at Maestro, got in touch with the team. The three of them joined forces to develop a follow-up session: Train of thought on performance analysis.

Board our train of thought regarding performance analysis! After the demo and examples, we invite you, the audience, to join us in a discussion on BPO. We will describe the performance analysis process and continue with a demo of building a performance benchmarking strategy. Joona will follow, showcasing an example of Maestro’s monitoring and improvement approach in an ERP system.

  • 25 minutes Irina and Catalin from Yonder on processing and designing a performance benchmarking strategy.
  • 25 minutes Joona’s and Maestro’s monitoring and improvement approach.
    • Context on the experience at Maestro regarding benchmarking and performance optimizations.
    • Insight on the performance analysis approach.
    • Results and measurements based on real-life application behavior.

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