Webinar: Dealing with Technical Debt – Remus Pereni

March 31, 2020


Our CTO, Remus Pereni, will discuss Technical Debt, the effect it can have on your product, and how to reduce Technical Debt in an economically viable way.

  1. Get clarity on what technical debt is, the impact it has on a software product, and how to explain it to non-technical people.
  2. Find out how to manage technical debt.
  3. And how do you improve your product, preferably without bankrupting your company, from a developer’s perspective.

Date: Wednesday, May 6, 2020
Time: 15:30 or 03:30PM CSET (Central European Summer Time)

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Want to know more about technical debt and Life Cycle Extension? Then perhaps you will be interested in the following article by Remus Pereni “Why not just rewrite?”

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