Y Community – The Lean VMS

The Lean VMS, what is it and does it fit our CSI way of working?

We will host our annual Y Community event on Wednesday, 7 June, near Utrecht in the Netherlands. At the Y Community, we will have TSS/CSI colleagues present best practices on the development of their software products based on our CSI principles. The audience consists mostly of product owners, champions, development managers, agile and development enthusiasts, team leads, etc. In short, all the people that are involved in the development of the solutions that we offer our customers, from business to technical.

This year the theme will be the Lean VMS. But what is a Lean VMS and what principles apply to the concept? And why is it important to become a Lean VMS? At the event, our CTO and Chief Architect Remus Pereni will present the concept in such a way that non-technical people can follow it as well. After the presentation we will have a roundtable, so we can discuss where we are, which steps we should take, what it will bring us, etc.

Being a Lean VMS fits our CSI principles. It is an excellent way to move our software business forward providing the agility and customer centricity that is needed.
We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, 7 June at the Y Community!

Best regards,
Daniel Lar
Managing Director Yonder

The Lean VMS – Program

Staying competitive in today’s market by applying such principles as the Lean Enterprise and Customer Development

Date: 7 June
Location: Restaurant Marnemoende, IJsselstein (near Utrecht)
Time: 13.00 – 18.00 followed by a barbecue for everybody

Rudy Boonman, Business Analyst at PinkRoccade Tax & Property on their initiative iKwijtschelding (‘iRemission’).

Valentin Filip on ReFlow, The benefits of measuring. To be customer driven and lean you need to know exactly how your software product is used, by whom and how it is performing 24/7.

Richard Arnoldussen, R&D Manager Pharmacy on ‘best practices in R&D’

The Lean VMS, a vision by:
Remus Pereni, CTO & Chief Architect
The vision for the VMS company of tomorrow. TSS/CSI BU’s are ready to take the next step to a Lean VMS. Lean Product Development, Customer Driven Development, Continuous Delivery, API Platforms are just a few examples of how we become lean so we can stay ahead by fast and cost efficient value creation.

Roundtable discussion:
A roundtable with all the presenters and participants on the Lean VMS vision.
Is this the road ahead for CSI product companies, where do you see challenges, how far along are you, do you see a different future? An open session where we all discuss how each of us perceives the future of VMS companies and software development.

REGISTER NOW! Click here to register.

Feel free to invite your colleagues who may also be interested in our program and in becoming a Lean VMS.



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