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Six software modernization approaches

Different categories for different modernization approaches

Our CTO, Remus Pereni, met with Bogdan Chiorean, Head of Product Innovation, to discuss software modernization and the six approaches. They discuss the opportunities and risks of each type of modernization.

We have provided software modernizations for our clients over the past thirty years. Bogdan and his colleagues sat down and discussed the different types of modernization projects they had encountered. They wanted to see if they could quantify the projects into different categories. And they could; they came up with six modernization types and then had to find appropriate names for them.

So, they thought of memorable names or metaphors that would be easily understandable to all who hear them. These names add a bit of humor to the seriousness of software development but by no means reflect any judgment on the original product.

In this interview, Remus and Bogdan explore the different modernization approaches. What can a company achieve by applying a specific type of modernization, and what are the risks?



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Feel free to contact Bogdan Chiorean if you would like to learn more about the six different  modernization approaches.

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