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The role of the CTO in a software organization

Remus Pereni and Razvan Dragomir get together and discuss the need for a CTO

Remus Pereni (CTO at Yonder) and Razvan Dragomir (Chief Solutions Architect at Yonder) get together to discuss the CTO’s role in software companies.

Both technology experts have been with Yonder for over 10 years, so they have been privy to many different situations. They have seen the effects on software companies when they have or don’t have a CTO, like companies with a senior technology person representing multiple roles. The need for such specific roles will differ between a startup and a mature company. How do they see the role of a CTO?

Watch the interview or listen to the podcast to find out more about this. If you want to discuss the matter with Remus or Razvan, contact them, and they will get back to you.



Razvan and Remus on the Role of the CTO
Remus and Razvan discuss the subject in a quiet corner.


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