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Three day client -PharmaPartners- visit in the Netherlands

Including a visit to an end-client, a GP practice

We welcomed Spring in Oosterhout, where we visited our customer, PharmaPartners, in the Netherlands. Seventeen colleagues from Yonder joined the GP colleagues from PharmaPartners for three intense yet energizing days of planning future R&D developments and prioritizing the developments for Medicom. Not only did we spend time on the essential plans, but we also got to visit a GP practice in the Netherlands.

Our client works closely with GP practices and relates all their needs and requirements. But by visiting them firsthand, we gain a deeper and better understanding of these needs. Now, we know more about the day-to-day challenges and how we can help PharmaPartners and their GP clients overcome these challenges through meaningful IT solutions.

Yonder PharmaPartners GP Practice visit

Another major part of such a visit is team-building. Connecting as people and colleagues enhances the bond among team members and increases trust in everyone’s capabilities. Our PharmaPartner GP colleagues planned nice dinners for all of us and played some old Dutch games for the fun element. Such team-building sessions greatly enhance the effectiveness of working together.

Overall, 3 intense days, we are ready and prepared for the second half of 2024!
Thank you, PharmaPartner GP colleagues, for making this a memorable visit.

Yonder PharmaPartners Planning session

The PharmaPartner and Yonder colleagues in the session.

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