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Three decades of vision and innovation

Daniel Lar's reflection on Yonder's journey

Celebrating Yonder’s 30th anniversary: a reflection by Daniel Lar about three decades of vision and innovation

Daniel Lar, our Managing Director and Portfolio Manager, welcomed everyone to our 30th anniversary and shared his insightful reflections on our evolution, growth, and key learnings over the past three decades.


Yonder’s founding story

He shared his story of arriving at Yonder after graduating as a student. His narrative went hand in hand with Yonder’s story about beginning to develop software and focus on being innovative for its partners.


Daniel Lar - Welcome to Yonder's 30th anniversary


Yonder’s DNA was shaped by our founder, a Dutch entrepreneur who created frameworks to speed up the development of software for VMS companies. This perspective led us to our mantra at that time: helping software companies become better innovators and accelerate in their markets.


Key moments and lessons learned

Yonder’s story was crafted by three important moments and lessons during the last three decades. As mentioned before, the first one was focusing on technical expertise. However, during Yonder’s 30th anniversary, Daniel revealed that our evolution took a significant leap forward with our strategic decision to join TSS. This decision was not only about becoming part of something bigger but also about choosing the one that was the best fit. Because TSS was building a platform for potential accelerators, it became obvious that we were chasing similar goals. And we learned that besides technology, we should also focus on the process so we could truly improve the services for our clients.

The last step was understanding why we do what we build. This meant gaining in-depth knowledge of customers’ needs in different verticals, which translated into our mindset. This is how three decades of vision and innovation looks like from Daniel insights.


Daniel Lar talking about old logo


Our Managing Director, Daniel, shared some important lessons we have learned during our journey as a company. One of them is that progress compounds. Overestimating what we can achieve in a year is a common mistake. But here is magic: consistency. Pursue the same goal year after year after year, and watch how results appear.


Daniel Lar – Progress compounds


The next one emphasizes ownership. What we learned is that it’s not about centralization but rather about decentralization. Having ownership starting from a team level up to a national level really drives performance.

Thirdly, it’s about continuous learning. That means chasing good practices, finding benchmarks, and finally, mentors. Daniel admitted that even during his career in Yonder, he had no less than nine changes that brought him here by shifting focus each time. This translates into our vision about how people should evolve.


Daniel Lar - about our innovation journey


Celebrating the people

As we celebrate Yonder’s achievements, we recognize that our success is intrinsically tied to people — our partners, our customers, and our colleagues are the driving force behind our innovation and growth.


Daniel Lar - it's about the people


Yonder’s 30th anniversary marks not only a celebration of our past accomplishments but also a testament to our commitment to innovation, growth, and excellence. As we look ahead, guided by the lessons learned and insights shared, we embark on the next chapter of continuous innovation. This is how three decades of vision and innovation were addressed by Yonder.


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Here you can see the overview of the event.


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