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Yonder30 years of continuous innovation – Aftermovie

Relive the moments of Yonder’s 30th anniversary

Quick recap of Yonder30 years of continuous innovation – event


What a day we had at Yonder30 Years of continuous innovation. We celebrated our anniversary in an environment filled with energy, insights, and laughter shared by almost 500 people.

The big event was more than a celebration; it was about making connections, strengthening bonds, appreciating those who played a crucial role in our development, and discovering new perspectives. You can discover all of that in Yonder30 years of continuous innovation aftermovie. A massive THANK YOU to colleagues, customers, partners, alumni, friends, students, and local municipality.


Yonder30 years of continuous innovation

Yonder30 years of continuous innovation stage


Highlights of the day:

  • Inspirational talks on technology, culture, mindset, leadership & innovation
  • Rewarding connections and networking
  • Fun-filled celebrations and surprises

Here you can see the entire agenda.


Your presence made this milestone extra special. Your stories, passion, and commitment to innovation fuel our journey.


Dive into our Yonder30  aftermovie and feel the energy of rewarding connections, inspirational talks, and laughter from a day of continuous innovation and celebration.


View some more photos of the Yonder30 years continuous innovation.



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