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Webinar Series: Pragmatic Innovation – Your Innovation Plan

Pragmatic Innovation webinars


Innovations to give your users what they need and keep your competitors at bay. Plus, keep your budget in line by only innovating what is needed

Innovation is the tool to maintain a healthy business over time. Innovating your software means controlling costs, focusing on customer satisfaction, and attracting new clients. But you need to do it pragmatically.

  • What should you innovate, and which part of your software?
  • How do you plan or run a software innovation?
  • How do you get your current product ready for additional innovation?
  • New technologies: AI, ML, RPA, etc. Which ones make sense to use for your business?
  • What other technology solutions do you need to apply to your innovation?

Each webinar will be 30 minutes long, and we try to include the Q&A in the 30 minutes. But when technology enthusiasts start discussing the possibilities that technologies could bring business, the Q&A might go into overtime.

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Innovate your legacy product without rewriting it.

What you don’t know about adopting AI into your business – Pragmatic innovation using affordable AI.


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