Pragmatic Innovation Webinar: Pragmatic innovation using affordable AI

July 31, 2022

Pragmatic Innovation webinar AI ML


What you don’t know about adopting AI into your business – Pragmatic innovation using affordable AI

Date: Thursday 29 September
Time: 4 PM or 16:00 hours CEST
Duration: 30 minutes
Presenters: Vlad Precup & Bogdan Chiorean
Registration link: click here.

Vlad and Bogdan will discuss what makes AI adopters successful in their industries and will cover topics like:
A lean introduction to AI & ML

  • How late am I to the party?
  • Facts about AI adoption in B2B (or B2B2C)
  • What are the use-cases for which my business can bring more value to the market using Machine Learning?
  • What drives organizations to steer away from it?

This presentation is for:

  • Leaders in the tech industry that are interested in bringing more value to their customers and their organizations with AI
  • People looking for use cases similar to theirs, where AI has been successfully integrated
  • Companies looking to incorporate new and innovative technologies in their products or workflows
  • Managers who want to become more knowledgeable in the hot topics of AI & ML.

Join us and go to the registration link: click here.

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