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Yonder at the TSS Blue Leadership Summit 2023

In 2023, TSS Blue held its Leadership Summit in Warsaw, Poland. Many Yonder management team members were invited to attend the event. Not only did we attend, we were asked to present multiple breakout sessions. And our former Yonder CFO, Ioana Corutiu, who has an impressive career within TSS – now the CEE Regional Finance Director TSS – was the host of the Summit with Joost van Haarlem, one of the general managers at TSS Blue.

Our Yonder colleagues delivered insightful presentations on various topics, including artificial intelligence for VMS companies, micro initiatives, cloud migration, the journey from Hackathon to MVP, modernization strategies, security, and ESG topics. The breakouts were kept relatively small (20 to 30 people) to facilitate interaction. After returning home, we realized that organizing an internal event showcasing the TSS Blue LT Summit presentations would also be very worthwhile.

Over the past 30 years, we have grown from a development company to now being a real partner for our clients. We help them not just with their present needs and challenges but also with choices for the second and third horizons. In recent years we have expanded our solution offering to include value-adding or consultancy services for strategic or project-based needs in areas such as architecture, process improvement, technology DDs, security, innovation, new technologies, etc.

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