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Java Developer, Mid/Senior Level (Pharma Project), Cluj-Napoca

Yonder has been developing software for over 25 years, for the most prominent software companies. Collaboration is key, with the product software company as domain specialist and Yonder as technology specialist.   

In our team we are fully responsible for the technical solutions and quality of the delivery, while we manage to keep a very strong relationship with the client and you’re a key player in doing so.   

Get on board. We are looking for people willing to think independently, take initiative and be innovative, as part of an enthusiast team that work for one of our customers, that develops solutions on the Dutch healthcare market for Pharmacies and General Practitioners.  

The project: 

  • Serves over 60% of the Dutch healthcare market for Pharmacies and General Practitioners 
  • Mixed teams of developers (Romanian and Dutch colleagues) 
  • Very complex, started over 40 years ago 
  • Innovation at its peak, combining old technologies with latest trends in the industry 
  • An evolving micro-service architecture 

Technology Stack: 

 Server side 

  • Spring-Boot based microservices with Spring Cloud Gateway, Spring Eureka config (the Netflix stack)  
  • Using Spring dependency injection, Spring Data, exposing REST endpoints  
  • RabbitMQ (implementation of AMQP) used as message broker with Google Protocol Buffers as payload  
  • Oracle Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) which exposes a set of SOAP services 
  • Databases: IBM DB2 and PostgreSQL for new and future developments 
  • ORMs: Eclipse Link, Hibernate 
  • Java core and Java EE (EJB3.1, JMS, REST and SOAP services) 
  • Continuous integration using Jenkins 
  • Keycloak used as a IAM provider 
  • Java build tools: Ant, Maven, Gradle 


  • Angular10+ for newly started microservice applications 
  • Ionic V2 for mobile applications 
  • AngularJS V1 for previously developed web applications  
  • Java Swing and JavaFX for Desktop application 


  • Unit testing with JUnit on the Java code, Karma and Jasmine on Angular 
  • JMeter for performance tests  
  • Cypress, Ranorex and Selenium for QA automation and end to end testing  

If you’ll join us, you will… 

  • Grow within a technical team 
  • Have technical decisions ownership, considering their powerful impact in the life of the end users 
  • Have guidance from a Technical Leads Community (our Community that sets the technical directions for our products) 
  • Be challenged by colleagues with similar technical passions (Hackathon, Internal Cybersecurity Events) 
  • Have continuous support for your development (trainings – technical & soft skills, certifications, in-house trainings, tutorials) 
  • Have access to various learning materials, courses and trainings 
  • Have team events, parties, team-buildings 
  • Have an awesome Java Community 
  • Have exposure to the customer 
  • Have passionate colleagues and growing environment 
  • Have an awesome Agile team 

You will be in charge of… 

  • Understanding business and functional requirements 
  • Designing and implementing  technical solutions 
  • Code reviewing according to agreed coding guidelines and best practices 
  • Analyzing and fixing  reported issues 
  • Following quality and security standards 
  • Proposing technical improvements and innovative solutions 

What are we looking for:

  • Analytical thinking 
  • Problem decomposition 
  • Estimating implementations roughly to a day’s work 
  • Designing high level components 
  • Ability to lead a team of lower experienced colleagues 
  • Ability to present project improvement proposals 
  • Proven experience with client-server enterprise applications 
  • Java EE (EJB3.1) 
  • Micro-services experience 
  • REST services 
  • SOAP services 
  • JMS 
  • Spring-Boot and Spring framework knowledge, e.g. for dependency injection, security, exposing web services 
  • Unit and integration testing 
  • Angular is a plus 

What values are we looking for? 

  • continuous improvement mindset 
  • sense of ethics, integrity 
  • entrepreneurial and innovative mindset 
  • professional and positive attitude 

Apply now! 

*Please note that by applying to this role you give your consent to have your personal data processed by Yonder for this role and for future ones. 

You can find more details about our policy here. 


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