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Careers at Yonder

We view our relationships with colleagues as partnerships, working together to achieve shared goals while we enjoy our time.

Open positions (14)

.Net MAUI/Xamarin Developer

experience Mid Level, 3 yrs+ Experience as .Net MAUI/Xamarin developer
degree Computer Science or related Not mandatory but a big plus
location Iasi We have open offices in Cluj-Napoca and Iași
  • .NET .
field Electronic locking systems
Architecture Microservices
your role Development Code review, architecture, feature development, bug-fixing
interaction Client Communication
team Cross-functional Dev, QC, DevOps, DM, Independent, lots of ownership
customer Germany Direct communication

• We offer mentors
• Frontend community
• Clean career path

support Techboard Technical experts in multilateral fields
our culture

• Transparency
• High Growth
• Tech-geeking
• Community feeling

Required skillset
  • Familiarized with Cross Platform Framework .NET MAUI and native app development experience
  • Familiarized with Xamarin Forms
  • Extensive experience with .NET/C#, Visual Studio, and tools like Git
  • Familiarity with backend systems integration (REST APIs, JSON, etc.)
  • Basic knowledge of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment
  • Experience with Cloud technologies
  • At least 3 years of professional experience as a Software Engineer
  • Successfully accomplished studies in the field of Software Engineering, Information Management Systems, Computer Science or equivalent education
  • Fluent English
  • You will work as part of an agile team, our customer manufactures mechanical and electronic locking cylinders, locks and locking systems for the door technology as well as panic locks for escape and rescue routes and escape door safety devices
  • Development and maintenance of the existing electronic master key system
  • Develop backend tasks for our web application
  • Responsible for whole software development life cycle
  • Strive for high quality, testable, maintainable code
  • Execution of source code reviews
Growth opportunities

• Be part of a group of tech people involved in tech initiatives (Techboard)
• Have exposure to a variety of projects, designed for various industries: financial, e-learning, food management, warehouse management and others
• Work in an innovative environment, develop projects using various technologies

*Please note that by applying to this role you give your consent to have your personal data processed by Yonder for this role and for future ones. You can find more details about our policy here.

our recruitment process

  • We hear about you /
    A friend recommends you /
    You apply

  • You show us your projects/profile

  • We contact you

  • We want to meet you & discuss more

  • We get back with feedback & ask you to join us

  • We welcome you

  • We get to know each other (community, team, clients)

  • We have fun and learn together

  • We are curious to see how you are feeling about the Yonder experience

  • You've got questions?
    We've got answers!
  • What makes Yonder unique? * compared to other tech consulting firms
  • Fun facts you should know!
  • Benefits package 
  • How can I apply for a role?

    You can apply by sending your updated CV to our official email address: [email protected]

    What kind of questions are asked in a technical interview?

    The interview will differ based on the seniority & type of role. We might include technical tests for internships (but don’t worry about it, it will contain only frequent questions from the subjects you have studied so far).

    What are the main technologies that Yonder works with?

    We use different technologies depending on the project we are working on, but you will have the opportunity to switch them. We work with .NET, Java, iOS, Angular, React, Vue, Android, SQL server, Python, PostgreSQL, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, Azure, GitLab, Outsystems.

    Can I work remotely?

    Yes, we value flexibility. We support hybrid work, a dynamic mix between work remotely and work from the office. This year we opened 2 new modern working spaces (Cluj Napoca and Iasi) which increases interaction and gives us the opportunity to take new initiatives.

    To what cultures will I be exposed?

    Our partners are from all over the world starting with Europe and ending with America and Australia. (Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, USA, and UK)

    How will I work at Yonder?

    You will work agile. Our main credo is to be small and nimble.

    What kind of info is important for the interview?

    You can send us either an updated resume or your LinkedIn profile and portfolio. We know you're proud of your personal projects you've been working at, so it could be Dribbble, Github account, etc. Note: Please make sure that the contact information is correct.

    How long should I wait for an interview appointment since I applied for the role?

    Our aim is to match the right candidate with the right opportunity, and we pay attention to each resume/portfolio received. Depending on the number of applications, we will contact you as soon as possible if your profile suits the role requirements.

    In what sort of industries does Yonder work?

    We experienced a various of verticals so far but most of the project were/still are in Healthcare, Local Government, Financial (including Banks, Insurances, Investments), Energy & Utilities, Education, Mining, Industry & Manufacturing, Construction, Museums, Law & Notaries, Logistics, Transportation, Automotive, Unions & other Organizations, Hosting, Retail, Food. 

    How should I prepare for my first job in Yonder?

    Firstly, you can start by developing your technical skills through online courses, certifications, and hands-on experience. Secondly, it is important to know the business principles to be able to understand the needs of Yonder's clients and contribute to their success. If you are passionate about your field keep up with industry trends. You should practice teamwork and communication because we have a close relationship with clients, team members and stakeholders. Last, but not least, be open to learning because Yonder is a fast – paced and dynamic environment.

  • We own our careers. Personal and professional development are steered and driven by each one of us. The main ingredients for a successful career path are mutual investments: eagerness to learn and organizational support.

    We have dedicated Career Managers to act as role models to facilitate growth.

    Internal mobility and technology shift are looked kindly (not only vertical promotion, but also professionals laterally expand their knowledge through diversity of experience).

    IDE culture. We are driven to results, committed to getting them, ambitious and entrepreneurial, with an eye on the market and putting the customer at the center of our attention.

    We value respect and freedom of speech. It is part of our culture to challenge the status quo to produce better and innovative solutions.

    You will have the chance to explore diverse cultures and different business practices. You will be exposed to our clients and have direct communication with them. Along the journey you can try new initiatives and test new things.

    Being a yonderist means affiliation to a talented team and great people.

  • Yonder is a place where you can start your career as a junior and grow as an expert in your area of interest. More than 50 senior colleagues started their first career at Yonder. They love it, enjoy it, and embrace the opportunity of development. Now they pass it on to our newest colleagues.

    We kept our DNA intact over the years and promoted colleagues who had remarkable success with their teams. 70% of our leadership, both customer and technical, was promoted internally.

    Diversity is what helps us to create innovative solutions internally and externally.

    • 43% of our colleagues are brave, inspiring, and talented women
    • 41% of them are happily married and 29% are proud parents
    • 101% appreciate a healthy lifestyle

    We get along well with gen Z, gen X and millennials.
    Yonder is a fresh young and innovative company with an average age of 30 years.

  • We want our people to feel good, to enjoy themselves and relax.

    We would like to take care of our people as humans not only professionals.

    We are concerned about health, education, sport and travelling.

    For each of these 4 pillars we created a dedicated package from which you can choose.