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Machine Learning Engineer, Civil Protection Field, Cluj-Napoca

Project description 

The collaboration with our client from the Nordics has been a resounding success, based on mutual respect and inclusion. Our technical teams work closely with the client teams to achieve an impactful mission in the environment and health area. 


  • Ability to identify and prioritize high-impact problems and conceptualize solutions in a systematic manner 
  • Good analytical, conceptual, and problem-solving skills 
  • Bachelors/Masters in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, or similar 
  • 3+ years of experience with Software / Data Engineering projects 
  • Experience writing modular & well-designed code ideally in Python, but node or any other back end / data-oriented language is also acceptable 
  • Proven experience in building, monitoring, and maintaining data-oriented software systems 
  • Passionate about Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Extraction, and/or MLOps, but not necessarily having working experience with them. 
  • Previous experience as an ML Engineer is a plus. 
  • Engineering skills and fluency in data manipulation (SQL, Pandas) and machine learning (sci-kit-learn, PyTorch, or Keras/Tensorflow) tools are a plus  
  • Experience in feature extraction, feature selection techniques, and transfer learning is also a plus, but not mandatory. 

Technology Stack 

  • Python with its data-oriented library ecosystem: JSON, Pandas, Pandera, etc. 
  • AWS S3 & ElasticSearch for data storage/indexing and retrieval 
  • AWS SageMaker for ML infrastructure provisioning 
  • AWS CDK for maintaining Infrastructure as Code 
  • CI/CD with GitHub Actions and AWS CDK 
  • OpenAPI for API definitions 
  • PyTest for test automation. 


  • Agile (Kanban) – team-driven 
  • Daily interaction with international customers from two European time-zones 
  • Close collaboration with product management. 

The Team 

  • A cross-regional and cross-functional self-organizing Machine Learning Team with members from Yonder (Romania) and the client (Norway & Ireland) 
  • Dedicated product management 
  • Our motto is: We build it; we own it! We are not afraid of the unknown and we always have a can-do attitude. We strive to be better persons, colleagues, and professionals. 

If you join us, you will… 

  • help solve critical and high-impact problems with the power of Machine Learning 
  • be in growth and continuous learning environment where you will work with and learn from industry experts 
  • design, implement, and deploy end-to-end machine learning-based solutions, from requirements to production 
  • be exposed and contribute to the entire lifecycle of Machine Learning projects  
  • develop, maintain and improve data and MLOps pipelines that help the Machine Learning Team to acquire data, automate workflows & experiments and iterate fast 
  • define, maintain and monitor infrastructure using Infrastructure as Code (IaC), having full ownership of it. 

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