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Oracle DBA, Mid/Senior Level, Iasi

Join us as a Database Specialist /Oracle DBA and accept the challenge of further growing your skills by:

  • Having technical decisions ownership, considering their powerful impact in the life of the end users
  • Being part of or having guidance from a Technical Leads Community (our community that sets the technical directions for the products we take care of)
  • Providing technical expertise for potential new customers
  • Being challenged by colleagues with similar technical passions

Get on board. We are looking for people willing to think independently, take initiative, and be innovative as part of an agile team.

Your mission and focus:

  • Installation of the Oracle Software
  • Setup and configure the Oracle database
  • Configuration of Oracle, setting up the backup according to the backup concept
  • New installation of scopeArchiv database
  • Migration of scopeArchiv database to a newer release
  • Installation of scopeArchiv Software (Oracle part)
  • Remote maintenance: Conduct regular remote healthchecks on the production database infrastructure of the customer according to our predefined healthcheck-scripts.

What do we expect from you- own the product by:

  1. Partner with the client for the best technical solutions
  2. Propose alternatives (functional & technical) for existing or new functionalities
  3. Strong client interaction

If you’ll join us you will have:

  • Continuous support for your development (trainings – technical & soft skills, certifications, in-house trainings, tutorials)
  • Access to various learning materials, courses and trainings
  • Team events, parties, teambuilding
  • Exposure to the customer
  • Passionate colleagues and growing environment
  • Awesome Agile team

What are we looking for: 

  • Operation of the Oracle Installer
  • Knowledge of the most important installation problems
  • Can configure Oracle Net on client and server
  • Create and configure a database using the Database Configuration tools from Oracle
  • Oracle DBA knowledge. Knows the backup concept
  • Oracle DBA knowledge. Knowledge of import/export of dumps and the associated problems
  • Knows the problems related to character set conversion that can occur during import and export
  • Understands how to run the existing installation and migration scripts and the errors and warnings raised by the Oracle database
  • Knowledge of the installation and configuration of Oracle clients
  • Understands what the existing healthcheck-scripts do and how to run them on a customer environment
  • Is able to give advice to other scope employees and customers on how to resolve the findings from the healthcheck (e.g. increase of the tablespace)

What values are we looking for?

  • Self-organized team player with accurate attitude of work
  • Facilitator of agile and modern development methodologies
  • Eagerness to ask questions and to confirm his/her understanding
  • Expressed analytic skills, able to articulate technical expertise
  • Continuous and fast learning

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