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value adding

Next to long-term engagements, we offer clients consultancy services for short-term or part-time projects. These value-adding services help clients with specific technology requirements that complement our software development.

We focus on the pragmatic: a practical and sensible approach offering our clients results without any added fluff. Yonder, your one partner to take care of all your technology needs. 

Yonder’s Technology DD service is a best-in-class solution for experienced investors in the software space. We’ve worked on over fifty transactions together over the last five years and have never been disappointed with the results. The team is highly professional, delivers on time, and is used to working in situations where time pressure is immense. Its insights are as practical as they are insightful and fit exceptionally well within our standardized DD process in addition to financial, commercial HR, and other forms of diligence. In addition to a high degree of specialization, they bring decades’ worth of experience and insights into looking at software companies. This allows them to look at technology and architecture with a trained eye and without dogma. As a result, we’ve rarely encountered surprises post-closing, which had not been flagged by the team.

Nikola Curak,
CIO @Total Specific Solutions

consultancy services

We had the pleasure of collaborating with Yonder and getting their help in our Product strategy, Roadmap creation, and Process Improvement challenges. They provided valuable input, including in-depth analysis, process mapping, ideas, and guidance. With enthusiasm and professionalism, they were able to make a positive change happen in any number of circumstances that we faced. The outcome of our collaboration has been very valuable to us, and we will use their advice in our work going forward. We can wholeheartedly recommend them for any software process audit, improvement, or transformation.

Hulda Guðmundsdóttir,
CEO, dk hugbúnaður and Hrönn Jensdóttir Head of R&D

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