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development, modernization and process optimization

software development
is our core expertise

When you need a partner to continue the development of your existing software product so that you can focus, for example, on client-specific requirements.

Or your solution is running on a platform that will no longer be supported, and you need to modernize. Yonder has experience in all software-related matters across different domains and verticals.

Our partnership with Yonder has given our businesses a unique opportunity to bring on the expertise and skills needed to deliver software solutions to drive our organic growth. At the core of the partnership is their openness and transparency, which has created a high level of trust when it comes to their ability to add value to our businesses.

Douglas Spears,
Head of Product Management @Modaxo

development, modernization and process optimization services

We required a real partner to create new functionality from beginning to end, as our in-house team has their full focus on our core product. Yonder takes care of the entire project from beginning to end. Through the frequent meetings, we are fully up to date on the status and discuss any improvements or challenges along the way.

Joe Eckert,
VP R&D @EWS Group

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