The Way We Work

Setting the goal

It is important to have a good understanding of our client’s business and the objectives the client wants to achieve with the specific product collaboration.

Therefore, we need to identify what will make the collaboration a success: financially and business wise, in the market and with the client’s customers. And we need to have a realistic view on the contextual boundaries such as budget and competition.

We focus on the highest level of trust with our clients

The more information a customer provides, the better we can anticipate on the needs and the better we can put our skills to use.

We discuss how to avoid pitfalls

Innovating and incorporating market demand is not just a matter of skill, talent and vision, it is also a matter of doing things right and not making common mistakes.

Defining the standard

It is essential to define the ingredients needed to create a successful product. The system architecture is the basis: from understanding the architecture in existing products to defining the architecture in new initiatives.

Define the technologies and capabilities best suited for the project or as requested by the client. Capture the non-functional requirements as well and define a testing strategy.

Product and business vision determines the product requirement

They set the standard for architecture, tooling, collaboration, etc.

These requirements are a standard to which we constantly measure quality, as quality is your business value

And your added business value is our goal, which completes the circle.

Owning the process

The best process management is not defined in a book or a phrase. Yonder uses an agile recipe, using Disciplined Agile Delivery, scrum, Continuous Delivery, whatever suits the need and customer the best. Our teams develop in short cycles, and ensure that the software can be released timely as agreed. We have the teams, capabilities, tools and communication processes to use the standards as defined and help clients obtain the goals as stated.

We apply the best agile method to fit the solution needed (and your development organization)

The method itself is never leading, simply because it does not determine added business value.

We don't start a project without clear goals and well-defined standards

The process should make people focus on their contribution to the product and their creativity without losing track of time and money.

Our solutions

  New Initiatives
Build a brand new app
Modernize your legacy application
  Application Management
Further develop and/or maintain your application

Our components

·   Software Development
·   Software Architecture
·   Project Management
·   Testing
·   DevOps
·   Requirement Analysis
·   UI/UX Design
·   Software Audit

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