Software modernizations, tricky or not?

Tips to modernize your legacy software Yonder will host a series of videos on modernizing your legacy software. In the...

Why are hackathons important for lean enterprises?

Before we look into the topic why hackathons are important for lean enterprises, let me explain the concept of a Yonder...

Yonder Hackathon – validate your ideas for the future

  This year is a special year as it is Yonder’s 25th anniversary. And you will hear more about that as the year...

Let’s Hackathon! – The benefits of a private Hackathon

Full focus Much has been written in the past about time management. Time is the one resource we cannot multiply and...

A great customer journey – the value of a good UX design

Giving your customers mobile access to your software systems is one way to cater to their wishes. But there are more...

Customers who have gone Mobile with Yonder

Our Experience with Mobile Solutions Yonder has a lot of experience in creating mobile dimensions in a variety of...

You always get what you pay for

The right foundation: whether you are building a house or building software Let’s say you want to build your house...

Go Mobile and fulfill customer demand

Add a mobile dimension to your existing software system. Many of you have optimized your software solutions for mobile,...

Best practices in aligning cultures and teams

Software and outsourcing company become real partners When a software product company and an outsourcing company decide...

R&D: a bottomless pit? Gain control over R&D costs!

Gain control over your R&D costs. R&D and marketing make up the majority of your operating expenditure As...

Software rewrites, to do or not to do video Mihai Nadas

  Mihai Nadas on his post: Software rewrites, to do or not to do? What can an ISV expect when considering a...

Software rewrites, to do or not to do that is the question

Software rewrites, the risks are high What can an ISV expect when considering a software rewrite: ‘Friday the 13th’...

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