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We work with healthcare companies and solution providers to identify innovative ways to tackle today’s biggest healthcare challenges. We are at the forefront of our clients’ efforts to make healthcare more affordable, better connected, and more accessible for people.  

Our clients help care providers improve and innovate processes, align stakeholders, and unburden staff members by optimizing the administrative process. This means creating the right infrastructure, taking utmost care of security, providing efficient solutions for care providers and patients, and more.

empowering patients through seamless digital integration in healthcare

The patient is now at the heart of the care process, and they expect a seamless digital experience where all their patient information is collected throughout the care chain. Therefore, all care providers should have access and be connected to give patients insight into their healthcare. 

New technologies, such as AI, will bring interesting innovations to the vertical, like assisting care providers by providing more data and insights to help them provide even better care.

I would say that professionalism is the word that describes how we feel about the collaboration. Yonder provides the full structured service for a project, which allows us to focus on our clients and business as usual. Yonder is in control of the project management and delivery. They continuously monitor the scope and speed of the project they share during weekly reviews, daily standups, and monthly steering committees. Yonder has a big group of professionals who know the areas of expertise that we need and are backed up by a team of experts within the organization. This means that Yonder has given us the team and expertise needed to make this a success.

Marc Lloses Padilla,
VP @R&D Picis

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