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Meet some of our customers

Datamine is a world-leading provider of the technology and services required to seamlessly plan and manage mining operations.

A+W Software
A+W Software develops innovative, comprehensive solutions for the glass, windows, and doors industry.

NorthStar Utilities Solutions supports modern utilities, and the communities they serve, through a comprehensive suite of innovative technologies.

The leading provider of mission-critical enterprise solutions for foodservice management, patient care, and retail technology.

MoversSuite was designed to improve the lives of the moving industry.

GMT creates innovative and practical software solutions for the waste- and environmental industry.

PinkRoccade Social Affairs
PinkRoccade Social Affairs caters to the social aspects that have now become the sole responsibility of the Dutch municipalities.

Communications Software’s OASES (Open Aviation Strategic Engineering System) is amongst the most successful aviation engineering and maintenance systems in the world.

MonarqRC, an extension of Computrition, creates software for resident care communities and regional and community hospitals.

PinkRoccade Civil Affairs
PinkRoccade Civil Affairs facilitates municipalities with the transformation to the service offering for the future.

PinkRoccade Mental Care
PinkRoccade Mental Care helps mental care institutions in all areas to release the pressure on the care process and to increase the quality of the service level with proven IT applications.

Total Specific Solutions
Total Specific Solutions is the leading company for business solutions and consists of independent business units that deliver products and services to their specific market segment.

Minox Software has been developing accounting software since 1983. This makes Minox Software one of the suppliers of digitized accounting software.

PinkRoccade Tax & Property
The policy Tax & Properties that consists of object registration, and taxes & the cadastral registry, will undergo many changes in the coming years.

eGPO is designed to optimize the communication and coordination of care between care providers and their patients

PinkRoccade Care
PinkRoccade Care supports nursing homes, home care organizations and care organizations for people with a disability with proven IT solutions.

Blueriq is a software solution of Everest, the business engineering company which translates complex business issues to innovative and practical IT solutions for financial service providers and central governments.

EuroSystems, a solid Dutch software company, is the market leader in the credit management sector with their solution Credit Navigator.

PinkRoccade Data Distribution
Our main products focus on data transformation and storage, data distribution and broker, and data control and reporting. And we also provide managing services.

Van Brug Software
A software solution provider in the legal market specialized in the development, sales, implementation and support of end-to-end business software for the notary office.

PinkValley brings together citizens, municipality workers and software professionals with the ambition to co-create and turn innovative ideas into apps.

TVH Group is an international group with customers in more than 170 countries

QULI stands for Quality of Life. It is a platform created to give an impulse to the use of e-health by civilians.


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