Meet the Yonder Techboard

Find out why we have Techboards and why they are so important for our clients and our colleagues. What do the Yonder...

Changes in the (software) world since 1993 – Part 2

Mid-nineties In the mid-nineties, we certainly did not have the luxury of big video conference systems or even to chat...

Video – How we changed over 25 years

The world has changed so much in 25 years. The Yonder management team takes a look back on the road traveled to where...

Changes in the (software) world since 1993 – part 1

Today: everything, everywhere, at any time It is very easy to take things for granted. These days, we are so used to...

Celebrating 25 Years – 7 December 2018

In December, Yonder will celebrate its 25th anniversary. What a great age to be, twenty-five. An age when you already...

Yonder Hackathon 2018 – The After Movie

Watch this video and get a feel for our Hackathon. If you would like to find out more about the projects, then read the...

The Yonder Hackathon 2018 Report

From machine learning and augmented reality to security and much more  The third edition of the Yonder hackathon is...

Preparing for the hackathon

In the previous blog post I described why hackathons are important for lean vertical market software companies. Now I...

Software modernizations, tricky or not?

Tips to modernize your legacy software Yonder will host a series of videos on modernizing your legacy software. In the...

Why are hackathons important for lean enterprises?

Before we look into the topic why hackathons are important for lean enterprises, let me explain the concept of a Yonder...

Yonder Hackathon – validate your ideas for the future

  This year is a special year as it is Yonder’s 25th anniversary. And you will hear more about that as the year...

Let’s Hackathon! – The benefits of a private Hackathon

Full focus Much has been written in the past about time management. Time is the one resource we cannot multiply and...

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