EWS Group – Movers Suite business flyer

EWS Group – Movers Suite business flyer Yonder started by creating a mobile app to cut the administrative time spent on processing paperwork, facilitate the communication, and provide real-time access and status overviews. After the success of the app, EWS and Yonder discussed future collaborations.

Yonder Flyer

Yonder Flyer Find out what we offer our clients and who we are. A flyer giving you a quick and comprehensive overview of Yonder and our services.

The iCemetery App

The iCemetery App The app for managing the cemetery administration. Having quick and up-to-date insight into your balanced cemetery administration is now possible with the iCemetery app; for managing cemeteries and crematoria.

From Monoliths to Micro services by Remus Pereni

From Monoliths to Micro services by Remus Pereni There are many times when starting a new project as a monolith makes sense, especially in very lean projects where the requirements and the product are not entirely clear from the beginning. In such a project, the domain and domain models shift and change a lot as […]

Yonder: Thoughts on Software.

Yonder: Thoughts on Software. Yonder, the software development partner of ISVs, has bundled its thoughts on software. Gaining control over your R&D costs, when and how to do software rewrites, aligning teams and cultures, and much more.

iSocial Affairs business brochure

iSocial Affairs business brochure PinkRoccade is one of the major providers of solutions for the Dutch local government market. As per January 1st 2015 the scale of the responsibilities of municipalities for employment and income, and care for the chronically sick and the elderly has increased multifold plus they will now be responsible for child […]

iSocial Affairs Delivery Brochure

iSocial Affairs Delivery Brochure In the iSocial Affairs business case, we painted the changing landscape, and the goals PinkRoccade’s Business Unit had achieved within the short timeframe that the new responsibilities were shifted from central to the local governments. In this case study, we give you insight into the process and collaboration between Social Affairs […]

Port of Rotterdam M2HAMIS case study

Port of Rotterdam M2HAMIS case study GMT app makes sustainable waste management easy. Mobile management of mandatory registration of ship-generated waste is now possible with the app M2HAMIS. As a result of the digitization, the use of paper is no longer needed and waste fraud can be prevented. This benefits the environment and saves both […]

Yonder – The Innovation Roadmap

Yonder – The Innovation Roadmap We live in a constantly changing world; customers change, demands change, competitors change and most of all technologies change. The long-term winners are those who can adapt to change and who are bold enough to create their own future instead of waiting for it to be created by others.

Outsourcing Jaarboek 2014

Interview Ramon Zanders, Yonder (Dutch article)
De belangrijkste uitdaging voor softwarehuizen is aangehaakt te blijven bij een ongekend heftige marktdynamiek. Ook in technologisch opzicht verandert er veel. Het ontwikkelproces onderbrengen bij een gespecialiseerde producent helpt softwarebedrijven focus te houden op de zaken die echt belangrijk zijn. Succes begint bij weten wat je wel en niet zelf moet doen.

Keylane Actuera case

Keylane Actuera case We need to stay versatile and innovative. “There are a number of reasons why we have worked with Yonder for so many years.In the first place, Yonder is our flexible layer that we can engage whenever we need to scale up. In the second place, and this is where they give us […]

CIO magazine aug 2013 Interview Mihai Nadas (Dutch Article)

CIO magazine aug 2013 Interview Mihai Nadas (Dutch Article) Yonder positioneert zich onomwonden als strategische partner op het gebied van softwareontwikkeling. CTO Mihai Nadas speelt daarbij vanuit het perspectief van innovatie een fundamentele rol. Alles draait volgens hem om het stimuleren van een innovatieve mindset en de omarming van een viertal belangrijke technologietrends. Op basis […]

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Automated Testing for OutSystems

Automated Testing for OutSystems


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