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Grow Together

We foster an environment to inspire growth. For real.

We believe that people growth goes hand-in-hand with the growth of the company and the other way around. That is why we foster an environment aimed to inspire and support professional and personal development so that our people thrive and are happy!

Career growth

It is our goal to help our people reach their full potential, but this is a joint effort – you have to be willing to challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone so that you can make the most of yourself.

Our people are our top source of talent for leadership positions. From Architects, Delivery Managers, Career Manages to Managing Directors – we have concrete evidence showing that internal growth is real.
We encourage our people to pursue career growth opportunities on technical or managerial paths based on their ambition and potential

We support testing new horizons through internal mobility or by offering the opportunity to versify and expand the technological footprint
We provide tailored-made development plans to support the chosen path and have a structural development approach through Yonder Academy and TSS Academy.

We believe in meritocracy – we applaud and reward results and respect the champions
We have dedicated Career Managers to act as role models, to facilitate growth and to guide you

“You own your career” – you have to want it in order to achieve it

We have impact

Developing software products makes us part of a much bigger world - what we develop in our offices in Cluj and Iasi has an impact on the world of hundreds of thousand end-users in Europe and the United States.
We take great pride in this, but it comes with a great responsibility and the need to increase quality. That is why we cannot afford to be just good, we have to be great. Therefore, our world is one of continuous learning and improvements.

Ethical company

We believe in respect and honesty. We take pride in the way we do business - with our clients and our people.

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