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new technologies

AI, ML, RPA & more

Not every new technology in the market will have commercial value for software companies or enterprises. The B2B market requires technologies to be mature enough to last through time and provide value. We investigate the commercial viability of new promising technologies.  

We also have events and workshops for clients focusing solely on innovation. Innovation is never an afterthought but requires dedication so you can entirely focus on creating an experiment based on customer or market requirements.

We found Yonder to be the perfect complement to our team. They were highly skilled in organizing and driving the prototype process and were well-versed in the technologies needed to create a successful prototype. They listened to our ideas and blended their concepts with ours in a skillful manner. At every stage of the process, the Yonder team offered valuable recommendations on the direction that should be undertaken, and they were flexible and understanding when we modified our design.

Kerry Lynn,
Executive Vice President @Syscon

new technologies services

It is a kick-start of a project, in this case for the topic Smart Formulary. We are in the first phase of the project, and during the hackathon, we gain insight into the technical feasibility. We can then make a better estimate of the development effort and costs involved.

Martijn Ivens,
Manager Innovation @PharmaPartners GPs

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