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DevOps and cloud

our experience as the building block for your projects

there is business value in DevOps & cloud

Our experience and expertise can become the building blocks for your projects. We are the technical partner that works together with our clients to transform their vision into successful projects.

Over the past 30 years we have gained experience in a multitude of domains and we have been involved in many different ecosystems of different sizes and maturity levels. Use our experience and expertise to get more business value and higher customer satisfaction.

Your success is our business card. Since 1993, Yonder has sped up time to market for established software companies with pragmatic innovation, through Agile teams and DevOps best practices. Considering the market trends, we started our current DevOps Center of Excellence, a decade ago. We are 40+ enthusiastic engineers with vast experience in complex software ecosystems, various technical skills, and the ambition to continuously evolve and upgrade our competencies.

Benefit from our experience! We learned from success stories, but mostly from the things that went wrong the first time. We are here to help you avoid the bumps in the road, and work together on the strategy of your software product.

Alex Popescu,
Managing Director @Yonder

DevOps and cloud services

  • Infrastructure Assessment
    Infrastructure Assessment

    In an ever-changing environment, it is imperative to know the weak and the strong points of your ecosystem. Our team can help you identify the risks to which your product is susceptible, prepare, and materialize a customized plan to address all the pain points that your team is dealing with. We can help you improve performance, scalability, and security or optimize costs and ease future maintenance.

    Every assessment is tailored to your needs and leverages the collective knowledge that our team has.

  • Infrastructure Architectural Design
    Infrastructure Architectural Design

    We analyze each application and help our clients design suitable infrastructure for their products, taking into consideration all the important aspects of their team. We believe that the infrastructure design should be shaped according to your team's vision.

    Thus, we will not enforce certain components or technologies but guide you through every step of the process.

  • Managed Infrastructure
    Managed Infrastructure

    In the digital era, the infrastructure work might require time from your team that otherwise was invested in addressing end-users' needs. If you find yourself in this scenario, we can design, build, and maintain the underneath infrastructure for your team.

    By doing so, they will invest their time in building awesome software without having to take care of the underlying infrastructure and components.

  • Infrastructure Cost Optimization
    Infrastructure Cost Optimization

    Sometimes architecture and implementation decisions can have undesired financial effects in the long run for your products.

    Our team can help you avoid spending unnecessary resources and identify actions that will reduce costs without negatively impacting your product end-user experience.

  • Cloud Migration
    Cloud Migration

    In such a dynamic and rapidly evolving field, the current infrastructure - even if it is on-premises, in a private, public, or hybrid cloud - may not address all your products or team’s needs.

    Our team can help you identify your needs and find proper solutions that will facilitate a seamless migration or transition to a more suitable home for your product.

  • CI/CD Implementation
    CI/CD Implementation

    A reduced time-to-market and faster feedback for the new features that your team performed can help you achieve a better experience for the end user. Having the proper quality gates in place and all the redundant manual actions automated will help you deliver safer and faster without cutting any corners.

    We can help you design and implement a modern and powerful flow that will improve your SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle).

  • SRE Services
    SRE Services

    Unexpected situations may always occur even with a lot of prevention mechanisms in place and thus your product can end up in an undesired state. We can help you avoid this scenario by putting in place proactive controls so that they prepare you for the worst.

    Our team has experience managing large production environments and has the right skill set to address complex incidents promptly.

  • Monitoring, Logging & Observability
    Monitoring, Logging & Observability

    The more you know about how your application and infrastructure behave in certain scenarios, the better you can face challenges or improve the quality of services offered to the end user.

    Our team can help you design and implement systems that will collect, analyze, and report all the information that your team needs to make the right decision.

why us

Ensure the stability, performance, and security of your system and deliver great user experiences.

With more than 10 years of experience and expertise in DevOps, Containerization, Microservices, Application Modernization, Cloud Adoption, Cloud-Native Deployments, Data Engineering, and Workload Management, we help customers optimize their software development and delivery processes, drive growth, and stay ahead in today's dynamic and competitive market.

  • Happy Customers
    Happy Customers
  • Certified Specialists
    Certified Specialists
  • Cloud Architectures  Designed and Managed
    Cloud Architectures Designed and Managed
  • DevOps Professionals
    DevOps Professionals
  • Years of Excellence
    Years of Excellence

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