Application Management

Continue development and/or maintenance of your current software product

Meet the dynamics of your market by quickly launching new releases of your existing software product.

This solution has two different elements: development and maintenance. The first will enable you to quickly deliver new software functionality to your existing product and thereby strengthen your market position.

Use your valuable recourses to meet market demand while we take care of the development.

If you have a software product, that is in the growth or mature phase of its lifecycle, and you wish to develop it further by adding new functionality to it without overloading your valuable people with specific domain knowledge, our application management solution fulfills that need. Together we look at your needs and objectives and examine your product. Jointly we create a vision for the future: what are the specific requirements for the product and how we can accomplish this. We take responsibility for the mutually agreed areas. While you can focus on market and customer demand, Yonder takes care of the software development. And with the second element of our Application Management solution, maintenance, we can unburden you by taking care of the maintenance of your software product.


Software Development
Project Management
Software Audit

The Benefits
Cost flexibility
Delivering high-quality software
Experience quick time to market
State of the art tooling & processes
Free up your scarce resources to meet market demand


Our solutions

  New Initiatives
Build a brand new app
Modernize your legacy application
  Application Management
Further develop and/or maintain your application

Our components

·   Software Development
·   Software Architecture
·   Project Management
·   Testing
·   DevOps
·   Requirement Analysis
·   UI/UX Design
·   Software Audit

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