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Get a mobile app for your existing software product

Are your customers asking for mobile access to your software product? Do you need a mobile dimension to fulfill the demand? We have the expertise. We love making apps. As the application development partner of software product companies, we have much experience with creating B2B and B2C mobile apps for our clients’ existing software products or new solutions. We combine our technology and project management knowledge to give you a carefree delivery of the agreed mobile dimension for your existing system or new functionality.

How we can help you as the partner for your mobile app development depends on your current product(s), the market(s) you serve, type and number of customers you have, the technology used, etc. Yonder can provide the following services

  • Identifying the most fitting mobile strategy and approach for your needs
    • Identify the needs and possibilities of your product(s) for mobile
    • The number of apps and the approach you would like (example: bi-model approach)
    • Technology (iOS, Android, Web, or other technologies)
  • Technical proposal
    • Architecture
    • Workflow
    • UX design
    • UI design

Then we take the next steps:

  • Timeline
    • Defining the timeline
    • Composing the team with required professionals
    • Setting up the governance structure
  • Inception
    • Define and create the infrastructure
    • Functional
      • Create login and other list screens
    • Development & performing stage
    • Testing
    • Release process/app stores

You may have a different need; you may want to have a mobile app for your customers quickly. In such a case we will adapt our process to fit your needs. We will consult you on the short-term possibilities and identify the long-term consequences, so you can make the best possible choice for your mobile needs today and in the future. We have experience in the following verticals/products: banking, healthcare, local government, logistics, scheduling systems, document management, video surveillance, media content and IoT.

Want to know how we can help you meet customer demand? Get in touch with us, and we will give you a call.


Software Development
Software Architecture
Project Management
UI/UX Design

The Benefits
Satisfy customer and market need
Quick release
Web app


Our solutions

  New Initiatives
Build a brand new app
Modernize your legacy application
  Application Management
Further develop and/or maintain your application

Our components

·   Software Development
·   Software Architecture
·   Project Management
·   Testing
·   DevOps
·   Requirement Analysis
·   UI/UX Design
·   Software Audit

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