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automotive, education, mining, moving, transportation, business solutions and more

Many of our clients are vertical market software companies focusing on specific industries. This means that they know their audience and their needs and challenges so that their software solutions provide added value to users. Our professionals have gained a thorough understanding of these different markets and helped software companies clear the technology jungle, creating meaningful solutions for their verticals. 
We have been the technology partner for enterprises, horizontal software companies, and VMS solutions providers. These companies are active in verticals such as workspace safety and environment, waste management, logistics and WMS, transportation, construction and engineering, real estate, manufacturing, education, automotive and dealerships, mining, cloud and hosting, and more.

At Yonder, we work with software companies and enterprises that operate in many different verticals. Over our 30 years as a company, we have gained a solid understanding of these industries. Our clients remain the true, in-depth domain experts, but our knowledge helps us navigate the particulars of these verticals, grasp the rules in each area, and quickly become very familiar with new industries.

Anca Cuc,
Delivery Lead at Yonder

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